Kharkov Coat of Arms

Art and Culture Great Figures

Bagaley Dmitry Ivanovich (in Russian)
historian, public figure, enlightener, author of monograph "The History of Kharkov Town During the 250 Year Period of its Existance"
Beketov Aleksey Nikolayevich
academician of architecture, who just formed Kharkov's appearance
Chichibabin Boris Alexeyevich
poet, the USSR State Prize laureate


поэт,  писатель, этнограф, создатель харьковской школы игры на бандуре,   Гуцульского театра (литературный псевдоним Гнат Галайда).
Kurbas Oleksandr Stepanovych (Les' Kurbas)
writer, dramatist, founder of Kharkov theatre "Berezil", he is considered as father of Ukrainian modern theatre
Kvitka-Osnovyanenko Grigory Fyodorovich
writer, dramatist, founder of Kharkov theatre, he is considered as father of Ukrainian literature
Nahimov Akim Nikolaevich
the first Kharkov poet, who became popular in whole of   Russia
Shul'zhenko Claudia Ivanovna
the singer of great national popularity, her name was given to Kharkov festival of popular music singers
Sreznevsky Ivan Yevseyevich (in Russian)
poet, professor of the  University of Kharkov, forefather of brilliant dynasty of  philologists and literary men
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