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Veklenko Oleh Anatoliyovych

Veklenko Oleh Anatoliyovych

  Graphic artist, poster artist. Honoured Worker of Art of Ukraine (since 1986). Born in August 17,1950 in the settlement of Bureia, Amur region. Graduated from KhAII (1967-72),  teachers V.Nenado, V.Pobedin, V.Sizikov. Member ot KhB UAU since 1983, Head of Organising Committee of the International Triennale of Graphics and Poster “Block Number 4”. Participant in Republican, All-Union, International and foreign exhibitions since 1972. Personal exhibitions: Kharkiv - 1986; Kharkiv -1986,1991,1998. Works at KhAII, professor (since 1993).

Address: flat 29, 32/186 Prospekt 50-richa VLKSM, Kharkiv, 61153, Ukraine; tel.: 108403.

Veklenko Oleh Anatoliyovych
Sky Enchanting Sight. 1996
paper, pastel


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