Artists of Kharkov Region

KhSAS - Kharkov State Art School (till 1996) KhAI  -  Kharkov  Art Insitute (from 1921 till 1963)
KhAS - Kharkov Art School ( from 1996 till present time) KhSAI - Kharkov State Art Institute (from 1943 till 1963)
AF - Art Fund KhAII -  Kharkov Art-Industrial Institute (from 1963 till now)
AS - Academy of Science AA - Academy of Arts
KhB UAU - Kharkov Branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine KhAIE - Kharkov Art-Industrial Enterprise
MAAT - The Maly  Academic Art Theatre    UA USSR - Union of Artist USSR  

Zvolsky Viktor Alfonsovych
  Graphic artist. Born in November 13,1950 in the town of Krasnoperekopsk, Crimean region. Graduated from KhAII (1976-81), teacher V.Nenado. Member of KhB UAU since 1987. Partcipant in Republican, All-Union, international and foreign exhibitions since 1981. Personal exhibition: Kharkiv - 1997. Works at KhAII, Head of Laboratory, teacher.

Address: flat 60, 6 Pushkinskiy viyzd, Kharkiv, 61024, Ukraine; tel.: 432321.

Zvolsky Viktor Alfonsovych
Motorcycles. 1986


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