The Route Orientation in Kharkov

If you are heading for Moscow, you should the course of Pushkinskaya Street, then by Chernyshevskogo and Artyoma Streets. Then through Pervogo Maja Square to Sumskaya Street and on to Belgorodskoye Shosse, until  Moscow - Sympheropol Highway(2). If you are heading for Kiev, Poltava and Sumy, you may go by Kotzarskaya, Krasnoarmeyskaya Streets  or by Krasnoshkolnaya Naberesznaya Street and Naberesznaya Chapayeva Street, then by Marchalla Konyeva Boulevard and Poltavsky Shlyah Street to reac accordingly Kiev - Kharkov - Rostov-on-Don Highway (19) or Kharkov - Sumy Highway(231).
If you are heading for Dnepropetrovsk and Sympheropol, you may go by Gagarin Avenue and Merefyankoye Shosse Street  and then by the Moscow- Sympheropol Highway(2).


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Scheme 2 (Click = enlarge)

Gagarin Avenue and Bezludovskoye Shosse through the south-eastern sector of the ring road will take you Kiev - Kharkov - Rostov-on-Don Highway (19) in the direction of  Lugansk, Donetsk and  Rostov-on-Don. You may as well reach this same motorway via Moscow Avenue.


These radial motorways will take you to the ring road:  Klochkovskaya Street, Lenin Avenue, Derevyanko Street and then Ludvik Svoboda Avenue, Academika Pavlova Street, Saltovskoye Shosse Street. Via Circuit Highway you may reach anyroad shown on  Scheme 1 if the crossroad information pointers  are present.
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