Passage from the Moscow side in the direction of Sumy, Poltava, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Sympheropol

On approaching Kharkov you have to turn right on to the ring road near the SAI point (1) and go on through the norht-west sector of the ring road.

When you covered 8.6 km (crossroads 5) on your left there will be the specialised car service station VAZ.

To reach Sumy, you have to turn right in 19.6 km thus reaching motorway Kharkov-Sumy (2R31).

To head on to Poltava, or Kyev, you have to turn right while in Pesochin town (1.2 away) at crossroads (2) and reach motorway Kyev-Kharkov (M19).

200 m away from crossroads while heading for Poltava, Kyev there is a petrol filling station on the left, and on the right there is Sputnik restaurant with unguarded car parking place.

To go to Dnepropetrovsk or Symferopol, while in Vysoky village you have to turn right and get on motorway Moscow-Kharkov-Sympheropol (M2). While heading for Dnepropetrovsk or Symferopol after crossroads (2) on the right hand side there is a motor car service station.  

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