Passage from the Moscow side in he direction of Lugansk, Donetzk, Rostov-on-Don

To go to Lugansk, Donetsk, or Rostov-on-Don you have to turn left and get on the ring road. To do so you need to cross to roadway (1), turn to the right, get on the ring road under the roadway and keep moving by the north-east part of the ring road.

After the crossroads on your left there is a petrol filling station and next to it - "Dom Lesnika" restaurant with an unguarded parking place.

Another 23.4 km away after crossing the roadway of crossroads (3) you have to turn right and get on motorway Kyev-Kharkov-Rostov-on-Don (M19).

The ring road is equiped with road communication points that allow you to notify the road traffic superintendent about road structure wreckage or any other road damage and road accidents on the way.

On all main motorways leading from Kharkov in the direction of Moscow, Kyev, Lugansk, Donetsk, Rostov-on-Don and Sympheropol there are SAI posts and petrol filling stations.


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