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Aleksey Vasilyevich Pogorelov

(on the occasion of the 80th birthday)

  On the 3 May 1999 the prominent scientist and wonderful person, a Member of Academy of Sciences of Russia and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, an honorary member of Moscow Mathematical Society Aleksey Vasilyevich Pogorelov was 80 years old.  


A.V. Pogorelov was born in Korocha town (Belgorod region). He received his education at Kharkov State University (KSU, 1937-1941) and Air Force Academy named after N.E. Zhukovsky (Moscow, 1941-1945). Since 1945 he was working года работал в ЦАГИ and at the same time taking his post graduate course in "geometry and topology" at Moscow State University. A.V.'s tutors were well known mathematicians and teachers, the creators of the national science school of geometry "in general" proffesors N.V. Yefimov A.D. Aleksandrov. He was awarded M.Sc., and in another year Doctor of Science. After that he returned to Kharkov (1947) where he soon became head of the chair of geometry in KSU. In 1960 A.V. began working in ILTPE (Institute of Low Temperature Physics & Engineering) where he has been up until now heading the geometry section in the Mathemathics Department. In 1951 A.V. was elected a Corresponding Member, and in 1960 a full member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as of this same year he is a Corresponding Member, and since 1976 - a full member the Academy of Sciences of Soviet Union.

Brilliant mathematical gift and outstanding engineering talent determined the wide range of A.V. Pogorelov's scientific interests, that involves both fundamental and applied fields. He gets the credit for resolving a number of key problems in "general" geometry, in basic geometry, in Monge-Ampere equation theory as well as significant results in thin resilient shells stability geometrical theory. The very first A.V.'s deep research into the difficult problem of exact determination of common convex surfaces by their measure which had been first mentioned by A.Cauchy, D.Hilbert and S.E.Con-Fossen made him one of the leading figures of the world science. This scientific achievment triggered a qualitative improvement in the theory of irregular surfaces, the elements of this theory had been established a long time before that by A.D.Aleksandrov. It had determined the priorities of this theory for generations to come.

Later on A.V.Pogorelov solved a number of other complex problems of "general" geometry, in particular the problem of regularity of a convex surface with regular metrics, the Weyl problem on convex metrics feasibility for Riemann spaces, the problem of infinitely small curves of convex surfaces, the problem of improper convex affined hyperspheres. He also accomplished a complete solution of the fourth Hilbert problem and the regular solution of the multidimensional Minkovsky problem. This works stimulated the creation of a new division of mathematical research -- the outer geometry of convex surfaces, that became a logical conclusion and completion of A.D.Aleksandrov's theory --inner geometry of convex surfaces. They established the theory of convex surfaces as a division of classical differential geometry. He built the theory of limited outer curvature surfaces (1956), worked out the general geometrical theory of Monge-Ampere equations for three dimensional (1960) and multidimensional (1983) cases, considerably extended G.Buseman theory of G-spaces (1998).

Just recently he has found a complete solution to another very important problem as he has proved the equality of twice derivable closed convex surfaces having positive Gauss curvature, for which the second differential of support functions difference is either sign-changeable form or equal to zero. This theorem for the case of analitical surfaces was established as early as in 1939 by A.D.Aleksandrov. Numerous attempts to weaken the condition of analysis to the natural level were unsuccessful up until 1999.

It should be pointed out here that in the process of research works A.V. Pogorelov displayed himself to be not only a great geometry expert, but also a prominent analyst.

A. V. Pogorelov has developed a new original geometrical approach to solving the problems of thin resilient shells stability, he conducted a number of high precision experiments that proved his theory. He was one of the first researchers in the U.S.S.R. (1970) to suggest the new idea of constructing of synchronized cryoturbogenerator with superconductive exitation winding, which prompted the development of cryogenics mechanical engineering in our country. Later A.V. Pogorelov took active part in theoretical calculations and technical implementation of industrial models of cryoturbogenerators, developed in ILTPE (Institute of Low Temperature Physics & Engineering).

A.V. Pogorelov wrote numerous monographs, manuals on basic subjects of geometry for higher education institutions and the well known geometry school text book, which has been adopted for use in schools since 1982. A.V.'s books are written in a clear and distinct language. They wer reprinted many times and in many countries.

We can hardly find another mathematician, who enriched the science with as many forceful, deep and useful results in geometry.

Aleksey Vasilyevich Pogorelov was awarded many rewards and honorary titles. He won the international N.I. Lobachevsky prize, the Lenin prize, state prizes of Ukraine and the U.S.S.R., personal awards of the National Science academy of Ukraine. A.V. is a distinguished figure in science and owner of government awards.

We sincerely wish Aleksey Vasilyevich good health, happiness, the pleasure of new creative achievments.

  A.D. Aleksandrov, A.A. Borisenko, V.A. Zalgaller, V.A. Marchenko, K.V. Maslov, A.D. Milka, S.P. Novikov, Y.G. Reshetnyak, I.V. Skrypnik, Y.Y. Khruslov  



An index of published works by Aleksey Vasilyevich Pgorelov

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  Note:. The first part of the index is published in: Mathematics in the U.S.S.R. over a 40 year period. 1917-1957 (М.: Физматгиз, 1959.- Т. 2.- С. 547-548), and also in: Математика в СССР, 1958-1967 (М.: Наука, 1970.- Т. 2.- С. 1052-1053), УМН (1979.- Т.34, вып. 4(208).- С.225-226; 1989.- Т. 44, вып. 4(268).- С. 249).  




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