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Fractal Construction 'The Bee'

The Swedish engineer and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel who initiated the prize of his name, denied the representatives of the most sophisticated of precise sciences the right to aspire to it, although mathematics has gone ahead a great deal from the first primitive notions of numbers and a line as the shortest distance between two points to discovering such global characteristics today which are near to exhaustive.

Mathematicians did not take offence at Nobel and at first came up with a hypothesis that Alfred was taking revenge on them because one of their kind had won over his bride. Later mathematicians organised their own prizes, in particular - one of the most prestigious prizes - the Lobachevsky prize: today the winners of this prize are no less honoured than the Nobel prize winners.

Our fellow citizen Aleksey Vasilyevich Pogorelov is one of those who were awarded this elite prize. It should be noted here that both before and after that he received all kind of awards that a scientist can possibly be given. Experts call this phenomenon by applying to this prominent geometrician the word - genius.

A genius among us - anyone would consider that wonderful. Even Aleksey Vasilyevich's appearance is somehow remarkable - he is tall, well built, handsome, with eyes full of inner strength and kindness... This is how his colleagues, friends, pupils, fellow citizens see him. Every time you meet with him makes you fresh and excited. Lucky are those who can immediately communicate with Pogorelov because he wins people over with the brilliancy of his wit, his wonderful sense of humor, because he inspires good spirits and working atmosphere.

If the theory of total biofield is at least partly true, then the positive environmental energy is mostly generated by people like him, that is people of similar righteousness and firmness of purpose.

Whatever curves Aleksey Vasilyevich chooses to follow amid boundless mathematical expanse, his life has never known U turns.

May God bless him with everything that he deserves...


  After A. Filatov's "Academician Pogorelov's line", "Night Kharkov" 19.01.99  


Fractal Construction 'The Bee'

... in mathematical encyclopaedias of different countries his name is put next to Archimedes, Euclid, Newton, Euler, Lobachevsky... He was lucky with his teachers: they were the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Nikolay Vladimirovich Yefimov from Moscow and Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov form Petersburg. It were they who many years ago instilled in the young scientist an obsession with science, faithfulness to maths, that became the main object of his whole life.

Pogorelov's main works are dedicated to the so called "general" geometry. He has been awarded almost all titles and prizes that a scientist can possibly get. In 1962 A.V. was awarded the Lenin prize for a series of works on geometry. Among those were works on the theory of shells, the main purpose of which was the research of a material object with one dimension much smaller than the other two, and the states that it can possibly take.

Aleksey Vasilyevich's unique mathematical gift is remarkably combined with an original engineering thinking, as academician V. A. Marchenko says. Today any school child is aware from his physics school curriculum about superconductivity. If it could be used in electrical appliances today, we would have had a greatest advantage. Anyway, in the mid 80's, academician Boris Verkin put forward an idea of creating a superconducting generator. Aleksey Vasilyevich could not help staying away from this fascinating occupation. Thanks to his engineering feel and talent he put forward an unordinary design of such generator, made all necessary calculations and virtually built this unique machine. It was successfully tested at "Electrosila" plant in Leningrad, and it should not be lain to the charge of the scientists that "perestroyka" did not allow to finish it completely.

The title page of the school text book on geometry that has been used by generations of school children in the U.S.S.R. as well as in many former Soviet Union countries carries the name of A. V. Pogorelov. Aleksey Vasilyevich possesses another wonderful gift - the ability to explain incredibly complex subjects in a simple and easy way.


  After A. Sergienko's "The Warmth Of 'Living' Formulas", "Sloboda" 12.03.99  


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