K   H   A   R   K    O   V

Svobody Square(Gosprom at foreground)(99 kbytes)

Netechenskaja Quay Str.(95 kbytes)

The Center.Constitution Square(115 kbytes)

F     R     O      M 


Gosprom (103 kbytes)

Stadium (100 kbytes)

The Center,University Street(85 kbytes)

Moscow Avenue (101 kbytes)


Juszny Station (109 kbytes)

Center.Bell-tower of Uspensky Cathedral(94 kbytes)

Two cathedral's view from Lopanskaya Quay(92 kbytes)

Saltovka Region(84 kbytes)

Svobody Square and Shevchenko garden(98 kbytes)

Pavlovo Pole (102 kbytes)

Photo by  Yuri Voroshilov

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