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Peter and Paul Church in Zhuravlevka (in Russian)
The Chapel of Uspensky Cathedral in Kharkov
All the times architecture reflected social, economic, historical and cultural processes that were going on in society. This assertion espesially relates to works of church architecture.  Centuries-old experience of Orthodox Church building in Ukraine demonstrates clearly how extremely rich and varied is the creative potential of our people.

If you would cast the glance at historical center of Kharkov from birdflight height, the grandiose picture of streets-rays would be opened to you, which disperse everyware like a star from architectural dominant of the city — the Uspensky Cathedral with its majestic chapel. The unic setting of this star is a necklace of temples, which are situated on surrounding eminences and hills. And though there are lesser number of temples in Kharkov now by comparison with the beginning of XX century, they form as before the city panoram, representing the most importamt components of its silhouette.


The plan of historical part of Kharkov

with demonstration of chuchs,

which existed in the beginning of ÕÕ century

  1   -  Uspensky Cathedral 12  -  Pantheleymonovskaya Church
  2   -  Nikolayevskaya Church 13  -  Tryokhsviatytelskaya Church ("Golbergovskaya")
  3   -  Pokrovsky Cathedral 14  -  St.Peter and Paul Church
  4   -  Blagoveshchensky Cathedral 15  -  Cutting off John the Baptist's Head Church
  5   -  Rozhdestveskaya Church 16  -  John the Baptist's Church
  6   -  Troitskaya Church 17  -  Ozerianskaya Church
  7   -  Voskresenskaya Church 18  -  Cyrylo-Mefodievskaya Church
   8   -  Mikhailovskaya Church 19  -  Church of Kazan's Mother of God
  9   -  Voznesenskaya Church 20  -  Dmitrievskaya Church
  10 -  Mironositskaya Church 21  -  Alexandr Nevsky Church
  11 -  Church of Virgin Nativity 22  -  Preobrazhenskaya Church
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