The autumn of Slobod Ukraine

The region of Kharkov is situated across two climatic zones - the grassland zone and the woodland zone.

The climate is temperate continental, the winter lasts for about 130 days. Frosts alternate with thaws, although in some years the winter happens to be hard, with much snow and lasts longer than usual.

The summer by and large is hot, its duration is 140 days. The winds blow often: westerly winds in summer and in autumn, and south-easterly and easterly winds in winter and in spring.

The autumn - a beautiful season of the year - in Kharkov region as a rule is warm and dry, with a lot of sunny days.

The region lies within a zone of insufficient humidity. It sometimes happens that in a particular year a prolonged absence of rains combined with a high air temperature, a relatively low humidity and blowing winds contribute to droughty conditions and hot winds. Sometimes dust-storms appear.

The annual level of rains stays between 475 and 568 mm: it decreases from north-west towards south-east. The rainiest month is July.