"So, the first people to settle in Kharkov brought with them from Trans Dnieper region their love to education, which stood them in good stead in their fight for faith and nation. The first parish schools appeared in Kharkov in the XVIIth century. In the second quarter of the XVIIIth century, the Collegium was founded here. Although this was only a secondary school, it had such a comprehensive curriculum that was sometimes referred to as an academy.

Collegium building(click to zoom)


D. I. Bagaley, D. P. Miller,"The History of  Kharkov Town During the 250 Year Period of its Existance"

In fact, during the period until the university was open in Kharkov it played the role of the center of higher education for the whole region. By virtue of the Collegium Kharkov became one of the four main towns of Slobod Ukraine. Its most important feature was that the Collegium was accessible to representatives of all classes of the society, and therefore it best suited the purposes of the nation."