Stationary communication satellite - creation of Kharkov science and technology


Akhiezer Naum Ilyich

Bagaley Dmitry Ivanovich

Patriarch of Kharkov mathematical school, specialist in the field of constructive function theory
    Dmitry Ivanovich
Famous historian, creator of scientific historical school, author of fundamental works on history of Kharkov and Slobod Ukraine

Efimenko Alexandra Jakovlevna
    Alexandra Jakovlevna
Famous historian, she was an author of fundamental works on history and jurisprudence of Ukraine
Landau Leo Davidovich
Landau Leo Davidovich
One of the most brilliant representatives of theoretical physics in the world, Nobel Prize laureate
Lifshits Ilya Michailovich
Lifshits Ilya Michailovich
Outstanding theoretical physicist
Mechnikov Ilya Ilyich
    Ilya Ilyich
Outstanding microbiologist, author of amazing book on longevity - "Etudes of optimism", Nobel Prize laureate; his name was assigned to Kharkov SRI of microbiology and epidemiology
Obreimov Ivan Vasilyevich Palatnik Leo Samoylovich
Obreimov Ivan Vasilyevich
Prominent physicist, organizer and the first director of Ukrainian Technical Physics Institute (this is the National Scientific Center "Kharkov Technical Physics Institute" now).
Palatnik Leo Samoylovich
Outstanding physicist, specialist in the field of thin film physics and film material, the information about him can be found in the collection of articles "5000 prominent personalities of the world"
Ostrogradsky Michail Vasilyevich Pilchikov Nikolay Dmitriyevich
Prominent mathematician of XIX century, one of the founders of St.-Petersburg mathematical school
Pilchikov Nikolay Dmitriyevich
Outstanding physicist, pioneer of distant radio control, investigator of the Kursk magnetic anomaly, inventor of many amazing ingenious devices and appliances
Proskura Georgy Fedorovich
Proskura Georgy Fedorovich
Prominent specialist on aero and hydrodynamics and hydro-technical engineering. The founder of Ukrainian aviation.
Sinelnikov Cyril Dmiriyevich Tyutyunnikov Boris Nicanorovich
Sinelnikov Cyril Dmiriyevich
Nuclear physicist, one of the most outstanding organizers of science in the USSR
Tyutyunnikov Boris Nicanorovich
Chemist, USSR Lenin Prize laureate for radical improvment on the way of vegetable oils hydrogenization
Steklov Vladimir Andreyevich
Steklov Vladimir Andreyevich
A prominent mathematician and mechanical engineer. The founder of the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (at present V. A. Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences).
Shchukarev Alexander Nikolayevich
Shchukarev Alexander Nikolayevich
The outstanding specialist in physical mechanics, talanted experimenter, professor of chemical science. Head of scientific school on thermal chemistry in Kharkov. The inventor of a computer prototype.
Walter Anton Karlovich
Walter Anton Karlovich
Outstanding physicist, specialist in the field of dielectrics and semiconductors, nuclear physics
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