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Crane is a symbol of Kharkov Crane is a symbol of Kharkov Crane is a symbol of Kharkov

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The History
of Slobozhanshchina

and the Glorious  Kharkov City

Legends. Symbols. Words
Slobozhanshchina (inRussian)
Birth and Development of Kharkov
Main Dates
The First Capital
Kharkov is Famous for Names...




         In our state's history Kharkov means the first university, the first theatre, the first chronicle, the first art museum, the eldest zoo and circus, musical college and college of  art.  
       Kharkov Region - Slobozhanshchina, as well as other Ukrainian regions, has its own appearance and heart, the essence of which is the whole Ukrainian and regional characteristics integrity.
       The hoary antiquity memorials of our land lead into depth of milleniums: Cymmerians, Scythians, Sarmats, Syverians, Khasarians, Kievan Russia. Being the witness of severe battles with nomads and at the same time the country of  peaceful farming and thirst for beauty, for harmony with natural environment, our kharkov land is  the participant of events, which are described in outstanding literary text of Kievan Russia age  - "The Igor Regiment". 
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