Cathedrals and Churches

The sight of Blagoveshchensky cathedral in winter



Pokrovsky Pokrovsky cathedral (from the Lopan River side)
1659 - The first mention in documents
1689 - Pokrovsky Cathedral,  the stone temple




Uspensky cathedral - one of the most tall buildings in Kharkov

1658 - The first mention in documents about Uspenskaya church which had been built in the last years of XVI century and had been transformed later into Uspensky Cathedral
1685 - 1687  - The Stone Building of Cathedral
1771 - Uspensky Cathedral new building foundadion had been laid




1655 - The first wooden temple  in Honour of  Favour News on Lord's Mother
1789 - The stone temple had been founded.
1794 - The sacring of the second stone Temple
1888 - The third building had been laid, the latest one


Svyato-troitzky Cathedral

1673 - The first mention about Troitzky temple.

1758 - The stone temple had been founded.

1764 - The sacring of stone temple.


Central Synagogue

1913 - the synagogue building had been set up
1920 - the synagogue building had been confiscated to be used by Kharkov Sports Committee 
1990 - restitution of Central Synagogue building to Kharkov Jewish community
1997 - the fire in synagogue
1999 - the transference of synagogue premises to the City-construction and Architecture Department of  Regional State Administration.
The precedent in independent Ukraine: first the religious community is evicted from cult building and the building is transfered to the secular institution. The synagogue reconstruction begins.

nd also

Roman Catholic Cathedral

Lutheran Cathedral




1659  -  Nikolayevskaya
1689 -     Dmitriyevskaya
1668 -     Rozhdestvenskaya
1675 - Voznesenskaya
1742 - Voskresenskaya (new wooded building)
1663 - Michaylovskaya (Arhangelskaya)
1797 - Kladbishchenskaya
1866 - Zhuravlyovskaya    (149948 bytes)
Golbergovskaya (Tryokhsviatytelskaya )