Kharkov Literature Museum
  Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Kharkov City Council of People Deputies
  1989   - "Our song and our thought won't die, won't vanish" (creative
                  works of G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko and T.Shevchenko). 
                  Author - O.Bronnikova.
  1990   - "Writers in the war, writers about the war". Author - R.Khabarova.
  1991   - "Ucrainian Golgotha".  Author - S.Klimova. Co-authors -
                 O.Reznichenko, I.Matskiewich. Artistic design by
  1992   - "Graphics of Petr Gumenyuk" (Lviv).
              - "Graphics of Andrey Gumenyuk" (Lviv).
  1993   - "Paintings of Vladimir Dzyubenko".
              - "Vytynanka (exised ornaments) of Andrey Kulish".
              - "D.Bagaley as a scientist, a human, a patriot".  Authors -
                  I.Matskiewich,  I.Goncharova. Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov.
              - "Mycola Kulish". Author - O.Bronnikova. Artistic design by
                  V. Bondar'.
              - "Paintings of  Uliana Mos' ".
              - "Paintings of  Nicolay Kursin".
              - "Way to zagornaya commune" (to 100-th Anniversary of  
                 M.Khvylyovy). Author - O.Reznichenko. Co-authors - R.Pilipchuk,
                 S.Oleshko. Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov,
                 V. Bondar'.
  1994   - "Funni Fair".  Author - A.Pererva. Artistic design by
                 "Kharkov artists, Members of National Academy of Arts:
                 V. Bondar', V.Gontariv, P.Mos', M.Basil' " .
              - "At the break of times" (culture and politics in Kharkov, end of 80s -
                 beginning of 90s).  Author - O.Reznichenko. Artistic design by
              - "Paintings and graphics of Opanas Zalyvakha".
              - "Slobozhan Family".  Author - O.Reznichenko. Co-author -
                  R.Pilipchuk. Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov.
  1995   - "For Her sake" (to 100-th Anniversary of I.Dnieprovsky).
                  Author - O.Reznichenko. Artistic design by
  1996   - "Boris Chichibabin: time and poet ". Author - V.Yas'kov.
                  Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov.
  1997   - "...And the piece of sky, crucified on prison bars". Author -
                 O.Reznichenko. Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov.
  1998   - "There was the Word at first" (from the history of Ukrainian
                 childish book).
                 Author - O.Reznichenko. Co-author - R.Pilipchuk.
                 Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov.
              - "G.Hotkevich - universal talent".   Author - O.Reznichenko.
                 Co-author - R.Pilipchuk.  Artistic design by V.Proskuryakov.
  1988 -1998      - Movable Exhibitions, dedicated to creative works of:  
                 V.Blakytny, M.Semenko, P.Tychina, P.Panch, O.Dosvitny,
                 S.Pilipenko, G.Skovoroda, J.Shovkoplyas, O.Gonchar,
                 I.Muratov, I.Bagryany, I.Vyrgan.
  Scientific Conferences:
  1992 - "Kharkov of ХХ century: history, culture, politics".
  1994 - "Clan.Family. Nation".
  1997 - "Constructional design, as an art of transitional period" ( to
                  60-th Anniversary of "1937").
  1993-1997 - Annual Panukrainian Festival of Youth Vanguard Poetry 
             - Performances of youth theatre-school "Arabesques".
  1998   - Folk holidays of  child studio "Veselka"("Rainbow").
  Museum resources consist of 25 000 items, in particular, there are unic manuscripts, incunabula, autographs, memorial things, rare editions, documents, photos of M.Khvylyovy, V.Svidzinsky, M.Kulish, I.Dnieprovsky, P.Tychina, V.Mysyk, I.Vyrgan, M.Iohanson, M.Semenko, D.Solovey, I.Bagryany, O.Veretenchenko, D.Gumennaya, G.Hotkevich, O.Kulchitskaya, I.Cavaleridze etc.; Collections of Slobozhan ethnography. 
  State awards
  In future
  6, Frunze str. (as we hope, in a short time it'll change to Academician D.Bagaley str.), Kharkov, 61002, Ukraine. 
  Tel. (0572) 47-01-09, 47-20-88, 47-20-01.
  Kharkov Literature Museum


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