Akhiezer Naum Ilyich


Academician Naum Ilyich Akhiezer

N. I. Akhiezer deserves great credit for creating Kharkov school of mathematics. Himself a brilliant mathematician, an expert in the field of constructive function theory, his achievements were distinguished by giving him the honorary title of a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Ukraine and awarding him the USSR Academy of Sciences Chebyshev prize. N. I. had a wide range of interests, never ceased to organise mathematician teams in KPI and Kharkov University. More than that, he took many far reaching initiatives to raise the new generation of mathematicians (setting up the well known 27-th mathematics school, the KSU based External youth mathematics school). 


His pedagogical gift and lecturer's skill were famed in Kharkov higher education institutions. In 1941 - 1943 he worked at Kharkov Polytechnic Institute as the deputy head of the chair of theoretical and mathematical physic, and later he organised the chair of applied mathematics and was the head of it since 1947 to 1955. Since 1956 till the end of his life Naum Illych worked at Khasrkov State University. Akhiezer wrote and published more than 150 scientific works, including 10 monographs, 9 of them were translated and published in other countries.


In September 2001, the international scientific conference took place initiated by Kharkov State University and Kharkov Institute of Low Temperature Physics & Engineering on the occasion of 100 anniversary of this prominent mathematician's birth date under the name "Function Theory and Mathematical Physics" (International Akhiezer Centenary Conference "Function Theory and Mathematical Physics").

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