Shchukarev Alexander Nikolayevich


Shchukarev Alexander Nikolayevich

A.N. Shchukarev distinguished of all with the remarkable versatility as a scientist and a pedagogue. The outstanding specialist in physical mechanics, talanted experimenter, which became a doctor  and professor of chemical science    (1909), apart from sich directions of scientific activity as chemical kinetics, chemical thermodynamics, solutions studies, thermal chemistry and electric chemistry, magnetic-chemical effect, he was engaged in the very unusual affair  - in experiments with ... a computer prototype.  And what a shame for us, the kharkovians, it was to hear fisrt time about this from the IBM collaborator while he had made the speach in KSU at the end of 70-th!


A.N. was a gifted pedagogue, moreover he was engaged in lecture activity not only in KPI, but gave also the exellent public lectures, illustrating them with remarkable examples. By the evidence of contemporaries, "in his lectures the elegance and gentleness combined with the power and inspirity", which indelibly impressed the listeners. More than 70 original scientific works and more than 30 works on history of philosophy belongs to his pen, some of them had been published abroad in French and in German.

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