Tovazhnyansky  Leonid Leonidovich

  (NTU "KPI" principal)

KPI principal, Academician L.L.Tovazhnyansky

Famous scientist. Specialist in the field of hydrodynamics, heat exchange processes, intensification of heat exchange processes and  economy of energy. Created in accordance with his works platy heat exchangers (either home production or production of Sweden firm "Alpha-Laval") allow to build effective heat supply systems in Ukraine, Bielorussia and Russia. Just nowadays introduction of such systems allows to reduce energy consume to 75-70% and to cut down essentially the heat  throwing in surroundings. Academician of Engineering Science Academy, of Ecologocal Academy and of Higher School Academy.

He was born in 26.04.1933, Slavyansk, Donetsk Region.

1954 -  He graduated from Slavyansk chemical-mechanical college, obtained a distinction.
1954-1959 - He was a student of Kharkov Polytechnical Institute, had got the Stalin grant (1956-1959).
1959 - He entered the post graduation course in KPI after finishing institute with distinction, then became a teacher in KPI.
1966 - The defence of a thesis. L.L have got the kandidat of technical science degree.
1966-1970 - L.L. managed the KPI trade union.
From 1970  L.L. was KPI vice-rector of studies.
From 1977  L.L is manager of Chair of Common Chemical Technology Processes and Apparata.
1983 - L.L. have got the rank "Merited Higher School Worker of Ukraine" .
1988 - The defence of a thesis. L.L have got the doctor of technical science degree.
1989 - L.L have got the professor rank.
  L.L.Tovazhnyansky made an important contribution in development of National Technical University "KPI". He worked intensively at Sumy and Kremenchug branches of KPI, managed the evening studies and postal tuition in KPI during the period 1970 - 1989. From 1989 till 1999 he was vice-rector of daily studies. In 1999 he became KPI principal. L.L. initiated the development of essentially new KPI curriculums in accordance with UNESCO concept of continuous education. With his active participation 14 new chairs, more than 25 new engineer specialities and 2 new departments (of Economics and of Business Management) have been opened, the integral education institute "Economist-Lawyer " have been organized.  
He is author of 180 scienific works, including manual, three educational supplies, two monographs. L.L. has 10 author sertificates and 8 patents. He is qualfied pedagogue and lecturer, which had been a supervisor of studies for 1 doctor and  6 kahdidates of technical science, prepared the lecture courses "Constructing and computation of chemical apparata", "Chemical Technology Processes and Apparata" etc.


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