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  The Kharkovians are very curious people. Therefore it's quite natural phenomenon that the triumphal INTERNET march in Ukraine had begun just from KHARKOV. And now some facts of science and technic progress and the INTERNET development forecast are proposed for comprehention to our respectable citizens (for the purpose to make them ready for rather implex future which will be the result of this facts). The matter is in development of the new quality of mankind integration on the base of natural and artificial intellects synthesis. And this process has started, in spite of all our possible resistanse...

So, read about it in original (English)  or in Russian (as you like):


The Internet Supermind and Beyond

Ben Goertzel & Stephan Vladimir Bugaj

Интернет: сверхразум и за его пределами

Бен Гёрцель и Стефан В. Бугай




Вперед в свободную экономическую зону!

Kharkov enters the new epoch after the last twelfth strike of a clock. The Decree of Ukrainian President declares our city and all Kharkov Area as a free economic zone. Formally it means  the institution of the most favourable regime for investments into area enerprises and manufactures. How will it be of use for the kharkovians practically in 2000? We propose the victorina : the best answer for this question we'll determine at 01.01.01, i.e. at the first day of the third millenium. The winner won't be punished.


WHITEBAL.GIF (856 bytes)    A report of the TV programme "Kharkov News":

The popular movement "PROSPECT-XXI century" proclaims about itself in Kharkov for the first time. The emergence of the movement was caused by parliamentary election of 1997, but it does not mean that election is its main subject. The movement members are manufacturers, scientists, bankers concerned about Kharkov's future. Only 30% of budget incomes of the town treasury is spent on Kharkov citizens, the rest is taken away by the state. Kharkov requires that this budget disproportion be reconsidered, there should be legal basis allowing preservation and development of unique manufacturing and scientific structures existing in Kharkov.

In connection with this the representatives of the movement "PROSPECT-XXI century" consider as their primary aim the task of choosing and backing the right people to be candidates for national parliamentary election, the people who can be entrusted with the important mission of introducing balanced and consistent changes to the legislative system aimed at economic stabilising in Kharkov as the city that represents Ukraine internationally.

After the 1997 election, the movement will continue its work.

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