Highways and Kharkov Streets Situated on Them                                                                                              Look also  General  City Scheme                             

The Highway Name

   The Street Name

Moscow  -  Kharkov (2) Bielgorodskoye Shosse
Moscow  -  Kharkov (2) Sumskaya    Street
Kyev  -  Kharkov (19) Poltavsky Shlyah
Kharkov - Sympheropol (2) Sympheropolskoye Shosse
Kharkov - Sympheropol (2) Merefyanskoye Shosse
Kharkov - Rostov-on-Don(19) Moscow  Avenue
Kharkov - Sumy (231) Poltavsky Shlyah
Kharkov - Stary Saltov - Valuyky(234) Saltovskoye Shosse
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