Can anybody tell the soul?

  (M. Y. Lermontov)

Actually, yes.

We are designed in such a way that our thinking is oriented to symbols. The oldest of them is fire. Not many people remain indifferent on hearing this word: some feel terror of the furious element, others - ecstasy. According  to one Greek myth, Prometheus gave the people the fire of knowledge, ancient Persians and Aryans saw fire as a cleansing force, being the symbol of the supreme spiritual fire. The candle also acquired a symbolical meaning as of old - a small keeper of living fire and light. We light candles on important holidays, when having supper with someone we love, as a memorial of a loved one who passed away forever. "He burned up like a candle" goes one Russian saying used to signify a person who lived an eventful and rich life.  Old Slavonic and later Orthodox tradition are also connected with candles: the light of the candle drove away evil spirits, inextinguishable icon-lamp had to be burned in front of an icon. In the scrolls of Russian history we find these words written by Simeon the Wise in the introduction to his annals: "...lest the candle should go out..." The candle is the memory of the nation, it signifies the connection between generations.

"But if I don't burn, and if you don't burn, and  if  he doesn't burn, - who will then warm the world?" Nazym Khikmet, a Turkish poet asks." And now we want to present to you a sculptor from Kharkov Leonid Kutsevich. Look at his candlesticks: there are no burning candles fixed onto them, but is it really necessary? Indeed, when you look at them, everything's obvious - they ask us the same question: "But if you don't burn..."


The sculptor masterfully reproduces in his candlesticks the flame of pain and anger of his soul, the light of joy and love, the light of gratitude and memory of our great compatriots. Every candlestick apart from its poetical name and dedication also is accompanied by poetry and sayings that inspired its creation.

Look, for example, at his candlestick "Prohibited": how concisely he expressed the oppressing burden of absurd banns that were an integral part of our recent authoritarian past! (Is it really past?)

And here is the candlestick "The Bells of Chernobyl",  that signifies both warning - the part of the candlestick shaped like a nuclear "mushroom" - and deep sorrow, aroused by tinkling of the bells, and the light of remembrance and hope, in the shape of a cross that crowns the work which makes you think of a lot of things when you look at it...  

Every artist has the idol which is inspiring him. The idol of Kutsevich  is Vladimir Vysotsky. It isn't chance that many   sculptor's works  are devoted to verces of the favourite poet.  Leonid's one great dream is the exhibition of his works in Moscow,  namely at Vysotsky Museum...

So visit sectionsGallery 1 and Gallery 2 and look at Kutsevich's works.


Leonid was born in a village and did not receive an accomplished education, the subtlety of his soul and deep religious feeling, sucked in yet in his childhood, inspire his works. The cross is not a chance symbol in his creative imagery, together with dedications. Another his favourite symbol is a bell.

Answering the Question about his biography he send us to one of his favourite poems:


   There wasn't the balley in my village.











Leonid Kutsevich works as a turner at the Kharkov plant "Potential". It is one rare case when a Master elevates his trade to the level of Art. Arts experts single out his works as it is the first time when turner and locksmith skills are applied to art. Leonid acquired ample and grey experience on his way to the Sculptors' Union. However this experience changes into deep reflections about life and people, about motherland and about that which is above the love to the motherland - about love to the truth.

Indeed, really happy is the creator who is able to express the depth of his perception, his soul in high and pure symbolism.

Can we express our soul? Actually, yes.

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