Cross 'People'

Cross "People"

   There's no ordinary people in the world,
   And if somebody had a usual life -
   Then he was just an outstanding person
   Because he always was a mediocre.
       And if for ever any human has to go,
       With him together
                     must die his first snow,
       And his first kiss,
                                and his first fight -
       That all has to dissolve
                               in the eternal night.
   It's true, that many things
                               stay in the world,
   But something goes for ever
                               in spite of all.
   That's merciless law:
                             the death of any person
   Is like the death of a whole Universe.

1962                                  E.Evtushenko

    Turner and miller's work.
     Bronze,  brass,  glass,  lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1994.
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