Candlestick'The Bulb'


"The Bulb"

   Oh, my friends, the new isn't just in that:
   That the engines automatically work.
    Joyful chorus
                           becomes silent very soon,
   Chorus of the fanats of new ways.
         The Empire Buildings and conducters
         Aren't newer than the Universe
         Your new flame -
                      is just the flame for moment.
         See - the old star's shining in the sky.
   The transmissions are unable to turn
   The wheel of future as the matter of fact.
   Times with times -
                          they are disputing on...
           Many things will stay yet hidden for that
          We could find  in ourselves today
          Every future possibility and way.

                Rainer Maria Rilke        

    Turner's work.
    Duralumin, bronze,  lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1996.
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