Candlestick  "Roksolana"

Dedicated to the Female Beauty, to Motherhood,
to Women - Toilers
  Roksolana - Nastya Licovskaya - a native 
  of Ivano-Frankovshchina, had been taken
  prisoner by Turks in 1520, after that she had 
  been sold in sultan's harem; she became
  the sultan's wife. There wasn't a woman in
  the Osman dynasty, who was so respected as 
  Roksolana. As the wife of sultan Suleyman 
  The Proud she had been playing a grate
  role in political life of Turkey.

Perforemed after the subject-matter of the artist S.Ganovsky's picture "Roksolana"

    Turner's work.
    Copper, bronze,  lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1993-1994.
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