Cross 'Alarm'

Cross  "Alarm"

  Somebody has sounded
                      alarm   for all to hear.
  What's this? Either holyday                        
                       or plague is coming here?
  That wide spread loud ringing
                      drowns the lyre singing  -
  Maybe crazy ringer
                      shakes the sky blue sphere?
  Our poor planet isn't dressed  in wood,
  No, it's warmed by fire,  
                       our Earth! It's not good!
  When it will become cold -
                       the desert will be in world,
  And again we'll have
                      to begin  all from the nought.
  Ring alarm, the ringer,
                      and awake the half-sleeping,
  Notify all lovers
                      so light-hearted and singing,
  That the world, which was burnt,
                       will seems to be lawn
  Only for corpse
                      and for child unborn!

1973                                    V.Vysotsky      

   Turner's work.
    Brass,  copper, bronze, lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1995.
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