Candlestick "There's no time"


Candlestick 'There's no time'

  Oh! We need  many days
  To pass till the end
  Our roads to be present
  And not to lose our ways.
  Those years push in our back,
  Those years push in our breast,
  And the single way 
                             to be correct
  As a wedge in them
                          must be pressed.
  There's no time
                 for any discussion,
  We can solve any problems
                 no more,
  There's no time for assosiation,
  There's no time to clear -
                 what for?
  Those years push in our back,
  And the life proves to be
                 not so long
  For one - to finish the picture,
  For another -
                        to finish the song.
         1985                      Y.Talkov
    Turner and fitter's work.
    Kharkov, 1995.
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