Candlestick 'Dazhbog'



   As of old Dazhbog - the Sun, the   
   Light and the Good god - is the force,
   which create in a human being
   the thirst for life,
   the  will to see oneself in one's own actions,
   the will to learn, to work, the will of
    self-affirmation,  self-determination and,
   at last, the will of self-denial and the death 
   in defence of life and independence of one's
   own tribe.
   Dazhbog  - this is the sacred truth,
   the justice, the life-creating light, the holy  
   spirit, the will.
    Turner's work.
    Bronze,  brass,  glass,  lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1992-1994.
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