Composition "In the   Sea of Tears"


Composition 'In the Sea of Tears'

    The wide Sea of Tears  overflowed around.   
    And I have the bathing in  tear compound,  
    Surely, I'm swimming in My Tears Stream,  
    To the new Tear Ocean, as I seem.  
     And it's possible   to lose the head  
    When  you're meeting this element, salt and wet,  
     Maybe, 't was  useless knowledge and vain,  
     That all seas only usual salt contain?  
     I would like to meet   any ice-floe at least,    
     I would like to see  the kind dolphin in mist ...  
  Turner and fitter's work.
   Duralumin,  glass,  lacquer.
  Kharkov, 1997.
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