Candlestick 'Tamara'




Dedicated to Tamara L.

   Near the very deep Daryal canyon ,
   Where Terek  makes noise in the dark,
   The ancient tower was standing,
   Showing black at the steep gloomy rock.
          In that tower, narrow and high,
          Tamara had lived , the Queen.
          As delightful as sprite in the sky,
          But as wicked as demon she'd been.
    It was usual: through  mist of midnight

    Golgen light was shininig  so bright,

    T' was attracting the traveller's glance,
    And invited to  rest him at once.
     1841                                  M. Lermontov
    Turner and fitter's work.
    Copper, bronze, brass,  lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1994.
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