The First Composition

Figures of the first composition :

Dying Gaidamak

Gaidamak with a scyth

Breaking chains

The first composition
  Katerina's figure is followed by a figure of dying Gaidamak. But the spectator's attention is attracted at first by the image of a rebel with a scyth. (Actor A.I.Serdyuk posed for this image). He is sculptured in a threatening, resolute pose as if ready for an internecine battle. Gaidamak with a scyth is close to image of young Yarema from Shevchenko's poem "Gaidamaks" -  the participant of national liberation antifeudal movement which was historically named as Koliivshchina. This movement was cruelly supressed by tzarist troops.  
  The image of dying Gaidamak is full of dramatizm. Alive pages of heroic history, flaming words of Shevchenko's poem, brilliant actors-models helped the sculptor to inspire the flame of life into bronze when he worked at the image of dying Gaidamak. Tense image expression, as it was treated by the People's Artist of the USSR A.M.Buchma, founded the bright plastic sculptural embodiment. A.M.Buchma remembered how hard the posing was: he must keep the single tense pose during eight or even twelve hours. But he worked with great enthusiasm and inspire. There was the great honoure - to stand by native poet statue as the sculpural embodiment of his heroic personage!
The sculpture of lying Gaidamak symbolizes the tragedy of peasants' uprisings. Stop the glance at the hand gestures, tense muscles of wonded man. Neither actor no sculptor didn't spare for plastic colours. Look attentively into the face of dying man. He is deadly wonded, but his heart is beating yet and the thought is working. Every feature, every muscle of his face reflecting the physical pain are full of life. Gaidamak is rushing forfard with all his body following his comrades who hold the arms yet. Such people can be killed but not overcomed. The sculptor's high professionality is reflected the most brightly in this compositional group of statues. He situated all figures in such way that everyone of them got the maximal lighting.    
The sculpture "Breaking chains" is compositionally united with the two previous figures. The actor of great inner temperament A.I.Serdyuk posed for this figure. He solved the image with expressive laconism and helped sculptor to embody it in bronze. The brave face of rebel reflacts the repressed sorrow and unyieldingness. The man tries to break the chains. His motions are expressive: no doubt this man will stand up, he will proudly raise his head, the chains will certainly be broken... 
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