The first statue in the sculptural group is that of a serf woman with a child in her arms. She is known under the name of Katerina depicted by T.Shevchenko in a poem of the same name. M.G.Manizer and the actress N.M.Uzhviy who posed for this figure were persistantly seeking the most expressive variant of it for a long time. Firstly the heroin embraced her head by the right arm. This gesture was full of despair but it was too synonymous and didn't disclose many-sided Shevchenko's image. They tried and show Katerina in motion. At last the best plastic decision was founded - the young woman had stopped, pressing the child to her breast. Just like in Shevchenko's poem:
And she stood in field like poplar,
Near the road she'd gone,
And her tears were falling down
Like the dew at the dawn...
Tears hides for Katerina
Everything around.
Little son she's holding firmly,
Kissing him so warmly.
Katerina is the embodyment of a charming image of a mother. This image reflects purity, the feeling of selfrespect, pride. There are reverie and sorrow at her beautiful face, deep sufferings put the little wrinkles between the eyebrow arcs. Sculptor models the volume with free pouring lines one passing fluently to another, he express the beauty of mother hands with trembling fingers. The deep reincarnation of N.M.Uzhviy during the work on this image perhaps helped the sculptor to find the kind of plastics  - soft and inspired, which is possible as it seemed only for working with marble. The compositional pause between Katerina statue and next sculptures emphasizes her loneliness and forces the tragic impression of image.  
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