The statue of a sitting Zaporozhets (a Dnieper Cossack) is thematically close to the first compositional group (People's Artist of the USSR I.A.Maryanenko posed for it). Its forms come back to the best traditions of the Russian classical sculpture. The silhouette lines are clear and expressive.

The psychological treating of image is very profound. Hands and feet of rebel are tied, his body is crippled, but his might spirit overcomes the physical pain. It really seems that the Cossack-Hercules like Taras Bulba won't think about himself in last minutes before the execution.

He will utter the war-cry to his friends :   
Oh, my sons, oh, Gaidamaks!
Here is free wide world,-      
Go ahead to seek and find  
Any lucky road ...

The sculptor created highly patriotic many-sided image of a hero, reflected in it the people's power and grandeur, sorrow and pain.

Taras Bulba - the hero from N.V.Gogol's story of the same name.

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