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The Birth of Eve


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The Birth of Eve

The Birth of Eve


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Not from the Adam's rib - oh, no,
But from delightful songs of Eden,
Like fruit which falls down being ripen,
In ancient times Eve had been thicken,
And then the Light have got the go.


Birds' voices had begun to ring,
And like a guard at world's head of bed
Light pillar rised -  the Love name it had,
In silence there were to be made
The miracles of life and spring.


The cover shell was thrown down,
And Eden was enveloped in bracing flames, -
And Eve had come to each for pangs and waits,
And to the humans of every states
  She had descended in fate crown.


And Adam was freezed, in admiring and scare
Of sky-shine naked and beatyful female friend,
But Eve the first had held out her hand,
And after strong alarm in the end
The passion had come, so great and fair.


-Be blessed, the Eden as a garden of Love's might! -
The Lord proclaimed, holding out His hands around.
And angels' melodies began to sound,
They celebrated and were proude
That light defeated total night.

08.1998        Yury IVANOV


 Oh, how dissimilar the women are!
  Sometimes a woman looks like fearless falcon;
  Simetimes she looks like swallow on the roof;
  One woman is a crane in grass and flowers;
  Another is a duck on sky-blue water;
  One is a female eagle that flies in clowds;
  Another is an owl on rotten stump.
  And after all each woman has beloved man.
  And just she is the only one for him.
   Ancient Korean classic poetry
      Verse of unknown poet   
  (Translated from Russian Akhmatova's version)





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