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Amazement is the most beautiful  feeling. It is amazing, for example, to learn that the famous Nicolaus Copernicus apart from heliocentric model of the sun system has also invented... BREAD AND BUTTER, when he suggested to spread butter on bread as a cure for plague.


Welcome to Kharkov!



It seems that Kharkov as well is worthy that the world should have at it's fingertips the common information about it and most remarkable, amazing, funny snippets, and maybe even sensations.




There are many reasons why Kharkov deserves deference and attention. And among them it's eventful history, it's rapid economic development, it's rise to the cutting edge of advanced science in XX century and it's bright and manifold cultural life.

Any point of the globe which is bestowed with charm and appeal owes it to the people living there and their deeds. This is also true in relation to Kharkov. The Kharkovites are not used to sitting with folded hands. They made their contribution to the space exploration development, to the improvement of farming methods, to the porcelain collecting. They took part in the ascent of the Everest, constructed military equipment, fought for human rights, conducted unique educational experiments, were involved in genetic studies and cryogenic medicine. And after the advent of independent Ukraine, they actively took up converting arms industry for civil purposes, developing communications systems, creating joint ventures, reconstruction of light and heavy industry.

Kharkov is a town open to the world. You may encounter an ex-Kharkovite in any latitude of the globe. And it would be very likely that he or she became well known for something. Kharkov became the sister town with Bologna, Poznan, Nuremberg and many other towns in various countries.

Welcome to Kharkov! Here are plenty of things to do, plenty of things to see, plenty of things to be amazed by!

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