Fractal - geometric construction 'All-embracing Eye'



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Geomery is cognition of all existing



  Dear and Favourite, Our Favourite and Dear Alexey Vasilyevich!
Administrators of ILTPE, collective of scientific collaborators, Your collegues and followers, and followers of followers, are happy to congratulate You, Alexey Vasilyevich, with the 80th Birthday.

We appreciate You because together with You we are joining to the life-giving source of eternal and divine Science of Geometry, to which You devoted Youself in wholehearted and fruitful serving. Following Your excellent school manual our children and grandchilds are going on travels in the Kingdom of Knowledge, discovering in inexhaustible Pythagorean Theorems like new Planets both their own unique "I", and the whole entrancing Universal, and the greate, glorious Past, and the wonderful, magnificent Future. Thank You for charming and inspirative generosity of Your Talent.

We rate You highly because Your name have been written down by brilliant characters into the World Science Depository side by side with the names of Greate Geometry-Men Augustine Cauchy, Gaston Darbu, David Hilbert, Hermann Minkowski, Stephan Con-Fossen, Beppo Lewy, Hermann Weyl, Luis Nirenberg, Hermann Buseman, Sergey Bernstein. We are happy that our institute has become Your cosy and native home where Your remarkable mathematical Discoveries have been developed and are developing. Now the majestic, hospitable, successful House of "The Whole Geometry of Convex Surfices"  is closely associated with Your name and the names of Your remarkable, favourite, dear Teachers, Nicolay Vladimirovich Efimov and Alexandr Danilovich Alexandrov - the house, erected on the firm base of good scientific traditions which had been put in ancient times by incomprehensibly wise and provident Greeks.




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