Outstanding constructor Leo M. Matsiyevich   


and Constructors


Gurevich Mikhail Iosifovich

  outstanding aircraft desighner, one of the creators of MIG fighters  
   Goldin Nikolay Vasilyevich
  Chief Engineer of Bhilayi Metallurgy Plant construction (India)  
Ivchenko Aleksandr Georgyevich
  General Consructor of aircraft engines  
Koshkin Mikhail Illyich
  outstanding constructor, chief of creation of -34 tank  
Matsiyevich Leo Makarovich
  pioneer of aviation, outstanding constructor, he made an important contrbution in creation of first Russian submarines and first aircraft carrier  
Trashutin Ivan Yakovlevich
  General Constructor on engine machinery, one of the creators of -34 tank.  
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