Buildings Created by Beketov

Architect Beketov


1889  - Medical office (Poltavsky Shlyakh, 12)

1893 - Lenin House of Culture (Sovnarkomovskaya, 13)

1893 - Law Academy (Pushkinskaya, 77)

1896 - Secondary School N1 (Darwin, 1)

1896 - Arts Museum (Sovnarkomovskaya, 9)

1896 - "Znaniye" Society (Nezavisimosty pl.)

1896-1898 Autotransport Technical College (Nezavisimosty pl., 28)

1896-1899 - Technical House (Nezavisimosty pl., 26)

1899 - Medical Society (Olminskogo ul, 11)

1900 - Scientists' House (Sovnarkomovskaya, 10)

1891-1901 - Korolenko Library (Korolenko, 4)

1902 - Court Offices House (Rudneva pl.)

1906-1907 - Puppet Theatre (Nezavisimosty pl., 24)

1912 - Arts Museum (Sovnarkomovskaya, 11)

1913 - I. I. Mechnikov Institute (Pushkinskaya, 14)

1914-1915 - KhSKhM SKB (Pushkinskaya, 84)

1914-1916 - KhIMESKh (Artyoma, 44)

1916 - Higher Women's Training Courses; currently KhIMESKh (Mironositskaya, 92)








A Brief Biography

The well known Ukrainian architect, Ukrainian SSR's Honoured Artist, Aleksey Nikolayevich Beketov was born on 19 February (3 March) 18?? in Kharkov, in the family of Nikolay Nikolayevich Beketov - the founder of physics and chemistry, the member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Father's brother Andrey was a scientist, too: he had become known as Darwinist botanist, he was a Corresponding Member and an Honourable Member of Petersburg Academy. Aleksey Nikolayevich passed his childhood in communication with the Mechnikovs and the Alchevskiys families.

Aleksey Nikolayevich received an excellent education. At the same time he attended M. D. Ivanova-Rayevskaya's Artist School and after that in Petersburg Arts Academy. His education was topped with the dissertation thesis completion, which in 1894 brought him the title of Architecture Academician.

Beketov died on 23 November 1941. He left us about one hundred various buildings, and one of the most magnificent of them is the building of Kharkov research institute of microbiology and immunology named after I. I. Mechnikov.


Academician A.N.Beketov

Coat of Arms

The Beketovs Coat of Arms

Front Detail 1

Front Detail 2

Mechnikov Institut,  Details of Front

Front Detail 3


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