Les Kurbas


  The outstanding produser, actor, dramatist, publicist, translator, Oleksandr Stepanovych (Les) Kurbas  lived and worked in Kharkov since 1926 till 1933.

Just there his talant of innovator-produser, theorist and pedagogue had been flourished. He created his own theatre - Berezil

Oleksandr Stepanovych(Les)Kurbas in 1918
  (it means «March» in Old Slavonic), which is known now as the spring beginnning of modern theatre. And it's no accident that Kurbas himself is concidered as one jf the first theatrical avant-gardist. His anniversaries are selebrated all over the world by UNESCO decree.
  At Berezil's stage Kurbas implemented original productions of plays, which provoked  great interest of spectators and sharp discussions in theatrical sphere. Kurbas took active part in cultural life: as a teacher in musical-dramatic theatre, as a theatre critic and publicist in newspapers and magazines. In October, 1933 he was accused of ideological mistakes and relinquished a post of art director of his Theatre. And shortly after he was arrested. Kurbas was executed by shooting in 1937. And his grave (in Solovky) stays uknown till present time.

Several years ago in Kharkov the memorial board was opened on the front wall of Shevchenko Theatre building. It indicates that the great agent of Ukrainian culture Les Kurbas worked there.



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