Landau  Leo  Davidovich


Landau Leo Davidovich

One of the most brilliant representatives of theoretical physics, a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, L. D. Landau made greatest impact on its formation and its style. He went down in history as a prominent scientist, a gifted teacher, a tutor of theorists, and not only as the author of an original system of effective training, but also as the creator of a big and authoritative theoretical school with its own style, character, with its own traditions. No wonder that that as a recognition of of his merits Leo Davidovich was awarded the Nobel prize.

Together with I. V. Obreimov, A. K. Valter and other physicists working in Ukrainian Technical Physics Institute Landau was initiated the organization of the technical physics department in KPI in early 1930's.

  During this period L. D. Landau conducted the course on theoretical physics, heading the Institute's department of the same name. Democratism in his relations with others coupled with uncompromising stringency, accessibility for knowledge seekers, lack of ambition, arrogance, well developed sense of humor made Landau students' champion. On the other hand, his statements against routine slaves, idolization of set canons in scientific profession put prejudiced colleagues on guard. It happened that slandered by ill-wishers he was even arrested, however thanks to his UFTI colleagues' intercession and P. L. Kapitsa's interference, it ended well with him.  
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