Palatnik Leo Samoylovich


Palatnik Leo Samoylovich

When L. S. Palatnik came to KPI in 1963, there began extensive research in the field of thin film physics and film material. These two research areas became the basis of the new scientific school, further developing the creative traditions of the predecessors. The indication of worldwide recognition of the contribution that scientists made to solving fundamental problems of applied physics was the fact that L. S. Palatnik's book "Phase transformations in multiple component systems" co-authored by Landau was published in the U. S. A. Since that time Palatnik together with his colleagues has published 13 monographs, more than 500 scientific works and inventions. His cycle "The size effects in small particles of solid" was awarded the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR. 


L. S. brought up 20 Doctors of Science and 80 candidates of science and united scientific workers, mostly the ones that graduated from physics-engineering and technical physics departments of KPI, into a unified team that became well know both inside and outside the country. As a result of extending international cooperation many of LS's pupils had practice in Japan, U. S. A., U. K., France, Germany, and other countries. No wonder that their activities were concentrated around the most important problems of modern physics: scientific substantiation of the production film and composite materials for microelectronics, X-ray optics, instrument and machinery construction;  helio power engineering; search of the ways to increase radiation stability and working of constructive materials; forecast methods for these materials conducting in multifactor influence conditions and creation of means to protect them; creation of cosmic materials; the amorphous alloys studies; high-temperature super-conductivity; magnetic impulseprocessing of metals; cryophysics; structure and properties of superfirm materials.

Personal appeal, exceptional intelligence were a powerful source of attraction for all of those who had known L. S. Palatnik. The information about him can be found in the collection of articles "5000 prominent personalities of the world", published in the U. S. A. in 1990.

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