Proskura Georgy Fedorovich


Proskura Georgy Fedorovich

The disciple of the "father of Russian aviation" N. E. Zhukovsky, member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR G. F. Proskura was an excellent expert in the field of aero and hydrodynamics and hydro-technical engineering. He worked in KTI from 1902 to 1904, and then in 1907 resumed his teaching work in KTI. In 1909 he read the first lecture in Ukraine on the theory of aerostatics, which produced a huge interest on part of the students, and initiates setting up of the Aerostatics Department in Kharkov, whose periodical was "Heavier Than Air" magazine in which the lecturers from KTI could publish their articles, and in 1912 in KTI he lead the construction of a closed wind tunnel, one of the first ones to be built in Russia.


In 1922, Proskura becomes one of the founders of Ukraine and Crimea Aviation and Aerostatics Society, and in 1923 he secured the opening of the Aviation Department in KTI, and soon after that he organised the Aerohydrodynamic laboratory, which in 1930 transformed into Kharkov Aviation Institute (presently - Kharkov Aerospace University).

From 1944 to 1955, G. F. was the director of Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR High Speed Machines and Mechanics laboratory.

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