Sinelnikov Cyril Dmiriyevich


Sinelnikov Cyril Dmiriyevich

Academician of AS of the USSR C.D.Sinelnikov always first solved the problems in the Soviet Union and as usual the large-scale problems. There were such ones as: creation of vacuum technology, answers to a problems of vacuum metallurgy, reactor materials, creation of nuclear heat-generating elements and their recovery from ''beryllium plague". C.D. put the beginning of thermonuclear studies at   Ukrainian Technical Physics Institute. This scientist said with modesty about himself: "The twentyth century created a new profession for physicist - organizer of science. This is profession of mine." The time had demonstrated, that C.D. master it brilliantly. In 1975 the AS of the USSR Presidium founded the Sinelnikov Prize for outstanding works in the field of physics.


He was one of the organizers of Physics and Engineering Department in KPI where he worked as a lecturer for a long time giving his forces to form the remarkable Kharkov physicists school.

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