Cross 'Singing Call'

Cross  "Singing Call"

Dedicated to the Victims of the Revolution of 1917  

   People, people, oh, my brothers,
   Where are you? Respond me!
   I don't need you, fearless, brutal
   And blood-thirsty  warrior.
           I don't want your arm to conquer,
           I don't want the tribute!
           We are all the apples and cherries
           From the sky-blue garden,
   We are all the ripe grape bunches
   Of the golden summer,
   Warm and light - it'll be enough
    For us till our deathbed!
            There is Somebody who teaches us
            To comprehend, to measure,
            Not for crush
                             to this world we came,
            But for Love-n-Hope treasure.

1917                                        S.Yesenin

    Turner's work.
    Copper,  bronze.
    Kharkov , 1991.
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