Candlestick 'The Falcon'

Candlestick   "The Falcon"

Dedicated to A.D.Sakharov

   Oh, Falcon the brave!
                          In your struggle with foes
  You were badly wonded...
                         But drops of your blood
   Will flare up as sparks
                         in the darkness of life,
   And will set fire
                          to many brave harts
   With infinite thirst

                          for Freedom and Light!   

   Though you are dead!..
                        In the song of daredevils
   Who have a strong spirit,    
                        You will be for ever
   A living example
                         and the proud appeal
   To Freedom, to Light!


    Turner and fitter's work.
    Bronze,  brass, duralumin, lacquer.
    Kharkov , 1994.
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