Composition "Brother Grave"

Dedicated to Soldiers, killed in battles for independence of our  Motherland, to representatives of fifteen   republics of the USSR

Композиция 'Братская могила'

  There is no cross fixed
        on those brother graves,     
  There is no
                   widow's crying,
  There is somebody bringing
                   fresh flower bouquets
  And perpetual flames
                  are keeping allways.
  At the place where the ground  
             was turned upside down,
  The granitic gravestones
                                     are lying.
  No separate destiny
                      there can be found -
  Only heroes' one fate
         for all of them unifying.
                                       V. Vysotsky
  Turner and fitter's work.
  Bronze, brass, duralumin, lacquer.
  Kharkov, 1995.
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