The Second Composition

Figures of the second composition :

Peasant woman 

Bearing a millstone

Recruit- soldier
The second composition
     The second group of statues is a symbol of the working people suffering under tzarist oppression. This thought is expressively shown in a statue of a man bearing a heavy weight on his sholders - a millstone (A.M. Buchma posed for this statue): the image calls for a protest against the oppression of a man.
  The statue of a woman is somewhat moved aside from the other figures: this is the sculpture of a peasant woman. Her presence in general composition of this group is full of deep sence: a woman of the people in tzarist Russia was the most cowed and deprived of rights creature. But in all times Russian women were active participants of the struggle against the oppressors. Neither actress S.V.Koval, who posed for this image, nor sculptor sined against the historical truth. The woman face  reflects the resolution and protest, she holds rake and flait like the arm.
Thr statue of a recruit-soldier of the tzarist army is perseived like an Atlant. His calm pose adds to the monumentality of the image, it is accentuated by almost parallel folds of greatcoat. But his calmness is only the external one. Great passions are storming in this man, disturbing thoughts have inclined his head and furrowed his forehead with tragic wrincles, clenced his lips :  
          Oh, thoughts, my thoughts,
          Oh, my native ones!
          Don't leave me, you at least ,  
          In the years of troubles.
Quite consciously the sculptor imparted the resemblence with T.G. Shevchenko self-portrait in 1857 - the year of Shevchenko's return from the severe tzarist excile of many years - to the appearance of this soldier. Namely the excile period was the time of coming-to-be the real internationalist  and revolutionary democrat for Shevchenko. This sculpture enriched the matter of Shevchenko's central statue.
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