The Third Composition

Figures of the third composition :



Worker with a rifle
Red Army Soldier








The fragment of third composition from the back side of the monument

The sequel of third composition on the right side of the monument

Personal impressions from his life experience (M.G.Manizer was 14 years old during the events of 1905 and 26 when October Revolution took place), his experience of work over the images of revolutionaries  helped the sculptor in the creation of the next composition full of life truth: the figure of a worker, a Bolshevik with alowered banner and a student symbolizing  the participants of the first Russian revolution of  1905 - 1907. The figure of student is full of emotional impuls. Vigorous, mighty but somewhat generalised modelling accords with the nature of the young fighter.
These two figures are followed by the sculpture of a worker with a rifle. The impressive posture of a worker, the joyful expression of a sailor standing beside as well as a calm confidence of a Red Army soldier - the defender of the Socialist Motherland - show the end of centuries long fight of the people for their liberation - the victory of Revolution.
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