From chronicle of faith and memory

So, ten

From Birth to Maturity

10 years
Near the Entrance into Literature Museum
of Kharkov
Literature     Museum

The largest island of Literary Archipelago


Festival as the Way of Thinking

At Home

Dream achieved through suffering

"Veselka" and museum

From Guest Book

Touching Pages of Odyssea which has no end

In Museum Salon of Arts

The Creative Spirit Concentration

Monologue of expositioner

About Youth Theatre School  "Arabesky" and not only

From pages of jubilee edition. "Megapolis", Kharkov, 1998


In Museum Salon of Arts

  Some exhibits and photos


'Trinity' by V.Dzyubenko

'Spring' by M.Basil'

'Summer' by M.Basil'

'Autumn' by M.Basil'


At the widows' farms. Triptych


'The King of Fields' by V.Dzyubenko

'During the Stage' by O.Zalivakha

'Triunity' by V.Proskuryakov

The King of Fields 

During the Stage



'St-George, the Dragon-Fighter' by P.Mos'

'Mister and Mistress'by P.Mos'

'Golden bird' by P.Mos'


St-George, the Dragon-Fighter

Mister and Mistress

Golden bird


Studio 'Arabesky'

At childich book exhibition

'Slobozhan Family'

Studio "Arabesky"

At childich book

"Eneida" perfomance


"Slobozhan Family"


Opening of Gnat Hotkevich memorial room in Vysoky settlement


Young bandurists

Opening of Gnat Hotkevich memorial room

'Kostrubon'ka burial'

Young bandurists


Folk  action


of festivities on occasion

"Kostrubon'ka's burial"

of memorial room opening

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