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Kharkov Technological Institute will expand and develop still for a long time, and its life will be estimated not at decades but at centuries...


V.L.Kirpichov           1895

And this is the mery students people of the POLYTECH Republic

NTU'KPI':some more information

Some more information

KPI principal

KPI principal

    Principal's speach

What is meant by NTU "KPI"?  
KPI is proud of its teachers
KPI is famous for its old boys    



The main ideologist of politechnical education in Russia - V.L.Kirpichov
KPI complex. The Electrics Building

National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (KPI)" is the greatest HSEI in Kharkov and Ukraine. This is whole science and technology republic, gently named POLYTECH in Kharkov, because nowadays in addition to 16 departments (which themselves can be essentially considered  as HSEI) three institutes are gathered under the aegis of it: Ionosphere Institute,  Institute of Scientific Research and Technology Planning   "MOLNIYA" ("LIGHTNING") and Tank Forces Institute.

KPI complex. The Main Avenue
KPI complex. The Principal Building interior

KPI is step in the way to realize the dream of its founder, professor of mechanics Victor L'vovich Kirpichov, about  "the ideal type of engineer-professional", combining the talants of scientist, practical worker and artist. Claiming that technics "leave the wide field for humane and educational activity", he intuitively assigned the special role to technological schooling, because "in conditions of peopling increase just tecnhology is capable to give people means of life, so in the course of time it'll become more and more connected with all going on in human society". 

KPI complex. The Main Auditorium Building.
KPI complex. The Memorial Board:A.G.Ivchenko - the general constructor of aircraft engines

KPI is mighty stream of scientific and technical thought. It means the discoveries in the widest  range of physical studies and unic technolgies in chemistry, in machinery construction. It means the creation, development and defence of the most powerful energetic systems. It means the cosmic materials creation and construction of the space-vehicle launching site BAYKONUR.

KPI complex. The Memorial Board:N.D.Pilchikov - the outstanding physicist
KPI complex. The Memorial Board:A.P.Filippov - the famous specialist iv applied mathematics

KPI is passing of the intellectual traditions from one generation to another. It means the scientifec schools and dynasties. It means the creative work in teaching process: it's enough to mention academician N.N.Beketov - the founder of physical chemistry, which first in Europe introduced the systematic course on this science in Kharkov's HSEI; outstanding mathematician V.A.Steklov, which introduced such innovations as mechanics exposition based on vector algebra and vector analysis and first proposed the practical training as new form of teaching;professor M.I.Korsunsky, the author of repeatedly published (including editions abroad) manual "Atomic Nuclear".

KPI complex. The Memorial Board:L.M.Matsievich - the outstanding aviator, constructor of submarines and airoplanes
KPI complex. The Memorial Board:KPI old boy G.M.Hotkevich - the outstanding writer, musician, ethnographer


KPI complex. The KPI Works Building.

KPI is the bridge between nations and states. It means the construction and starting up of metallurgical plant in Bhilayi (India). It means 6500 foreign students from 73 countries, who have graduated from Preparatory Department during  27 years of its existence. It means the scientific contacts with Europian and American physical schools. In 1999-2000 National Technical University "KPI" collaborated with 26 HSEI all over the world in accordance with direct treaties. The activity of structures with international collaboration - Ukrainian-American and Ukrainian-French Centers - effectively promotes KPI integration into the world community of elite HSEI. During that years KPI worked intensively at two TEMPUS projects, at TASIS project, at four INTAS projects, at four INCO-COPERNICUS projects, at NATO project, at three fund "VOZROZHDENIE" ("REVIVAL") projects and at International Development Agency (USA) project.

KPI complex. The Main Auditorium Building.


KPI complex. The Ionosphere Institute parabolic antenna
At KPI Museum

KPI is past, present and future of Ukrainian higher school.

The creation magnet is insuperable...

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Outstanding physicist N.D.Pilchikov


Memorial medal dedicated to 25 anniversary of KTI.1910
Academician V.A.Steklov
Head of Kharkov thermal chemistry school A.N.Shchukarev

The KPI founder V.L.Kirpichov was afflicted by superproblem: each graduate must be creative, skilful, extraordinary person. The aspiration to create essencial athmosphere for this, to avoid scholasticism, to support the professional spirit, the relations culture between teachers and students, rational choice of teaching courses equally with creation the most modern educational and experimental base - all that forms the stable "Kirpichov" traditions of the university. At the first floor of KPI Principal Building you can meet with the penetrating sight of Fransous Marie Aruet (Voltairre). Do you remember his dictum: "Everybody ought to cultivate its own garden"? The KPI teachers are occupied with just that thing - with cultivating of Mind Garden.

Academician C.D.Sinelnikov
Lenin Prize laureate B.N.Tyutyunnikov
Academician I.V.Obreimov
Academician N.Y.Ahiezer
Academician A.K.Walter
Academician,Nobel Prize laureate L.D.Landau
Academician G.F.Proscura
The USSR State Prize laureate, prof.L.S.Palatnik


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Gurevich  Michail  Josifovich


Memorial sign dedicated to 25 anniversary of KTI.1910

Tkach Grigory Anatoliyevich
Trashutin Ivan Jakovlevich
Grigorenko  Michail  Georgyevich

The glory of Kharkov Polytechnic Institute are its old boys. Traditionally thorough knowledge as a result of fundamental KPI education, let for many of them to become famous scientists, constructors, talanted organizers in industry and science. Tens of them had become Corresponding Members, Academicians of Academy of Science of the USSR and of Ukrainian National Academy of Science, hundreds of them had become the Lenin Prize and the State Prize laureates, thousands of them had been awarded with orders and medals. The KPI old boys names are immortalized in geographic and cosmic objects appellations; their names had been assighned to discovered laws and to bringing out formulae, to invented mechanisms and devices. Memorial boards on the walls of university buildins reminds the wonder examples of its the most merited old boys, the high virtye of creative engineer labour. And do you know the exact meaning of word "engineer"? It means a "talant". Here you can see some of the most outstanding old boys, which corresponds this meaning in the best possible way.

Goldin Nicolay Vasilyevich
Matsevity Yury Michailovich
Ivchenko Aleksandr Georgyevich
Taran Vitaly Ivanovich
Papirov Igor Isakovich
Miheyev Vladamir Andreyevich
Busyak Jury Mitrofanovich
Lifshits Ilya Michailovich
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